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The ecological benefit of organic fertilizer plant is obvious
Organic fertilizer complete equipment production line making process from fermentation to crushing, mixing, granulation, drying, cooling. Only after strict production, organic fertilizer will achieve superior function to oxidation of fertilizer to crops. When we operate the organic fertilizer making line, need to take care about its safe operation.     using any machinery is in danger, organic fertilizer production of complete sets of equipment line is no exception, so when in use to safe operation.
Organic fertilizer complete equipment has efficient composite strain and its propagation technique, advanced allocation of raw materials technology and biological fermentation system, best special formula fertilizer technology (will design the best combination of product formulations according to local soil and crop characteristics)
Organic fertilizer complete equipment for new or modified breeding project, farms and the development of ecological agriculture, ecological agriculture base and so on, customized supporting bio organic fertilizer production and bio fermentation system, can reduce the pollution of the environment and solve problem of a large number of consumption of resources, reduction of coal, electricity and other resources utilization.