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Sludge organic fertilizer production line
Process Description:
The first step: the cow dung, wheat bran, rice bran oil or dry with <Blends> was blended were piling fermentation. fermentation process required to detect temperature and humidity and manually turning work.
Step Two: After (15-20 days in winter, 5-10 days in summer ) can be fully fermented material handling <shredder> to crush.
The third step: after crushing the material to the <Mixer> and add at the appropriate proportion of trace elements or add species...
Step four: If production of organic fertilizer powder, this step can be omitted, fif want to make pellets or granules, available <granulator> after granulated, and then the <Cooler> <Dryer> cooling, drying, then <screener> screened qualified products, delivered to <packaging Machinery> packing serve certified organic fertilizer products.