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Organic fertilizer production process scheme
Put the water content 65% to 85% fresh chicken manure and the amount of materials (dry straw, chopped straw, dried manure, etc.)on the fermentation tank to fermentation. At the same time sufficiently stirred with fermentation equipment (agitator), use the turning machine to push and turn to regulate water, carbon and nitrogen ratio (C / N). The mixed fresh chicken manure is fermented 7days under appropriate conditions of temperature and oxygen, then fed into the dryer. The chicken manure pieces fully contact with the hot air, rapidly losing the surface water.  Since in the dryer there is a high-speed rotating crusher equipment. The chicken pieces continue to be broken, dehydration, complete the drying process, then measuring, bagging, packaging, and warehousing.
In the production of balance composite organic fertilizer, measure the chicken manure N, P, K element content in the middle stage. And then according to the different requirements of a variety of crops, flowers, grass, fruit and vegetables for the balance composite organic fertilizer N, P, K elements, quantitatively add to the dried chicken manure.Then stir, measure, bagging, packaging and warehousing.