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Organic fertilizer equipment turning machine
Organic fertilizer turning machine is widely used in fertilizer machinery, its a new fertilizer equipment, it versatile, easy to operate, after being promoted, was quickly applied to the production. 
Organic fertilizer equipment turning machine used in the fermentation process of animal waste, garbage, sludge, straw and other organic solids industrialization, can also be used to feed the fermentation, the product is divided straight tower fermentation equipment and turners two series; trough to trough structure fermentation equipment, can design products using a multi-slot machine according to the plant structure, simple operation, short fermentation period, fully fermented, less pollution, easy to spread widely and so on. It replaces the manual operation on a large extent, reducing human labor and improve work efficiency. Therefore, it has been in a rising trend in our agricultural production. There are many varieties of turning machines, such as slot turning machine, chicken turning machine. 
Turning machine has a very important role in the production of compost, first, turning machine agitation in the deployment process of the raw material is very strong, can be a good and effective integration of the various materials together. Second, in the turning machine temperature can be adjusted suitably according to need, the raw material is sufficient contact with the air, to absorb a large amount of fresh air. Third, turning machine may well change the permeability of the raw materials, such materials more flexible and nutrition.