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North American pellet exports continue to increase
Wood Resources International’s North American Wood Fiber Review has reported North American overseas pellet exports increased for the third-consecutive quarter during the final three months of 2015, increasing 7 percent from the prior quarter and reaching more than 1.7 million tons.
During the fourth quarter of last year, Canadian exports increased 17 percent when compared to the previous quarter, with shipments to both Europe and Asia increasing.
In the U.S., exports from the industrial pellet sector in the South are all flowing to Europe, primarily to the U.K. Newly operating facilities in the South helped exports from Gulf ports to increase by nearly 70 percent between the second quarter of 2015 and the final quarter of the year. However, shipments to Europe have fallen during the first quarter of this year. The NAWFR predicts the decrease is a temporary pause caused by lower demand in Europe due to the unusually warm winter. 
For the full year, pellet exports reached 6.1 million tons, 2 percent higher than 2014 and nearly four times higher than 2010.