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Chicken manure dryer solve pollution problems
In agricultural production, the chicken manure pollution is always a problem. How to deal with the chicken manure is a major problem. The organic fertilizer processing equipment chicken manure dryer could control the livestock pollution, turn the manure waste to treasure, make the laying hen industry get sustainable and healthy development.
The chicken manure dryer is necessary to build an organic fertilizer processing factory. The goal of the chicken manure dryer is to turn the manure waste to treasure, solve the 
pollution problem, and achieve sustainable cycle development. Making the chicken manure into organic fertilizer could not only solve the chicken manure pile up problems, but also provides a new idea for the fertilization of green agriculture green plant.
The chicken manure dryer is incumbent on solve the soil pollution problems caused by excessive fertilizer. Organic fertilizer production line equipment not only help farmers to solve the problem of agricultural waste accumulation and a large of livestock manure waste, but also adjust the soil nutrients and beneficial bacteria in the soil activity, and increase production of grain.